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Sindhi is spoken by approximately 21 million people.
Sindhi is spoken in Sindh(Pakistan). Sindhi is also spoken in India, Oman, Philippines, United Arab Emirates(UAE),Singapore, United Kingdom and USA.   Dialects of Sindhi are: Kachchi, Lari, Lasi, Thareli, Vicholo (Vicholi, Viccholi, Central Sindhi), Macharia, Dukslinu (Hindu Sindhi) and Sindhi Musalmani (Muslim Sindhi).

Sindhi translation agency

We are a Sindhi translation agency, based in India, who respond to 95% of all emails within 1 hour, so contact us for any Sindhi translation need or a free quote.

Quality confidential English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English translations

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services has a documented quality process for English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English translations, and we can accommodate requests for additional procedures as per your needs. All Sindhi translators working with IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services are bound by a nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement. IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services takes your confidentiality very seriously and in nearly two decades of our being in business, we have never had a confidentiality issue come-up as regards our translation services in Sindhi and other languages.

Network of the best English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English translators for outstanding English and Sindhi translations

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services are proud of our excellent reputation for reliable and high quality English to Sindhi and Sindhi to English translations. IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services' English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English translation teams have expert and experienced English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English translators. English-Sindhi localization uses knowledge of cultural differences to make English-Sindhi translations as effective and authentic as the original or locally written Sindhi text.

Qualified and professional Sindhi linguists

IAFL Translation & Interpretation services' Sindhi translation team members have studied and qualified in order to translate Sindhi or English. IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services assure you of professionalism, accuracy, speed and quality in Sindhi translations.

Sindhi Desktop Publishing(DTP)

At IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services, we understand the unique requirements of type setting Sindhi text. IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services's professional Sindhi DTP team can format and typeset your documents in practically all popular graphics and typesetting applications on both the Apple Macintosh and PC platforms. IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services accepts practically all files and can deliver ready to publish Sindhi files, where required. Translated Sindhi text can be designed for both online and offline publishing.

The richness of the Sindhi or English languages isn't confined to either an English-Sindhi dictionary or a Sindhi-English dictionary or both

Possessing an English to Sindhi or Sindhi to English dictionary does not make a person an English to Sindhi or Sindhi to English translator. Professional English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English translators deliver translations that have right  grammar, punctuation in accordance with established rules and correct spelling. Professional and correct English to Sindhi or Sindhi to English translation requires skills including flawless comprehension of both English and Sindhi, as also the  skill of making the correct choice of words in keeping with semantic rules.

The uselessness of online English-Sindhi translators or online Sindhi-English translators or English-Sindhi machine translators or Sindhi-English machine translators

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services provides translations which are more accurate and comprehensible than those done by online English-Sindhi translators or online Sindhi-English translators or English-Sindhi machine translators or Sindhi-English machine translators. Translations done by online English-Sindhi translators and online Sindhi-English translators cannot be depended upon for any purpose and a human English-Sindhi or Sindhi-English translator is required to achieve a business goal. Most English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English translation experts believe that online English-Sindhi or Sindhi-English translators will not be able to take into account the complexity and richness of either the English or Sindhi languages, at least for the foreseeable future.

Reliable English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English interpretation

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services provides professional and reliable English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English interpreters. As of now, IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services does not provide English-Sindhi or Sindhi-English telephone interpreting services. You are welcome to read more about IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services' English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English interpretation services or to contact us for more details.

Sindhi Voiceovers and Sindhi voice-talents

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services provides voice-talents and voiceovers in languages of the Indian sub-continent, including Sindhi. IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services provide Sindhi recordings of voice-prompts and for Interactive Voice Response(IVR) Systems. IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services may be of help if you need Sindhi on-hold messages, etc.

Contact IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services for Sindhi subtitling services  and for the services of our English to Sindhi translators for translating subtitles.

English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English transliteration requests

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services can provide English-Sindhi and Sindhi-English transliterations of proper names, etc. for your use in a variety of file formats. Please contact us for a free quote or any English-Sindhi or Sindhi-English translation or transliteration need. IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services also provides Sindhi transcription services, and prepares Sindhi transcripts in a number of different formats.

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services might be of help in providing notarized or certified Sindhi translations.

Sindhi translation services | Our Sindhi translator

Please do contact us or visit our office at:

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services
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New Delhi 110048
[We respond to 95% 
of all emails within 1

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(Office hours: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM; New Delhi is +5:30 hours GMT)

Telephones (after office hours): +91-11-4101-1843, +91-98111-49584(mobile)

We also provide Cross-Cultural Briefings for those wanting to make the most of their stay in India, Our Cross-Cultural Briefings are useful, or arguably essential, fr those relocating for work and their families.

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IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services has associates and translators in Mumbai(Bombay), Chennai(Madras), Kolkata(Calcutta), Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore, Pune, Islamabad(Pakistan), Lahore(Pakistan), Karachi(Pakistan), Kathmandu(Nepal), Colombo(Sri Lanka), Dhaka(Bangladesh), Kabul(Afghanistan), Thimphu(Bhutan),Yangon (Rangoon)[Myanmar], and many other places in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Learn English in Delhi, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR, etc.