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The necessity of an Indian translation service

If you plan to sell to the Indian markets, you will soon realize the need for an Indian translation service. Translating your marketing collateral and packaging among other documents into the Indian language give you advantages over your competitors. Hardly 7% of the Indians know English, so it makes sense to translate materials into Indian languages.

What does it take to get translations into an Indian language right?

A good Indian Language translation has to have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation as also the proper choice of words for getting the message across. An Indian Language translation lacking in any of these aspects may damage the image of your company or brand.

Ensuring quality when translating into an Indian language

Keeping control over these linguistic factors in an Indian Language translation is complicated by tight deadlines that ever-competitive markets require. Today, no business is as simple as it seems and marketing jargon or technical terminology creeps into practically all text that requires to be translated into an Indian language.

Making sure that no text for translation into an Indian language gets mistranslated or is "lost in translation"

To ensure that no text for translation into an Indian language is "lost in translation" or gets mistranslated, we first assign a team to identify all words, phrases and even sentences which have a potential of being mistranslated or "lost in translation."  This step of identifying text which has a potential of being miscommu [We respond to 95% 
of all emails within 1
hour.]nicated into an Indian language is a tedious and time-consuming task. Many times though not often, we need the help of our clients to understand the nuances of the text assigned to us for an Indian language translation. At other times, we need your help in establishing the intended audience for an Indian language translation or the "writing style" of the Indian translated text. Obviously, the choice of words and style will differ when translating into an Indian language, a service manual for technicians than when translating into Indian languages an advertisement.

File-formats of the Indian language translations

There are a multitude of file-formats to choose from when creating a file and there are even more choices when deciding on a file-format for an Indian language translation. Usually, we return files in the same format as the original, but sometimes technical limitations compel us to choose a different though largely compatible file-format with the Indian language translation.

The encoding choices for a text translated into an Indian language

There are a number of standards for encoding text in Indian languages, including UNICODE, and we with our experience and knowledge help you choose the right one.

We respond to 95% of all emails within 1 hour, so please do contact us or visit our office for any translation into or from a language of India or the Indian sub-continent:

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services
HS 27 FF
Kailash Colony
New Delhi 110048
[We respond to 95% 
of all emails within 1
Tel: +91-11-29235313
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(Office hours: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM; New Delhi is +5:30 hours GMT)

Telephones (after office hours): +91-11-4101-1843, +91-98111-49584(mobile)

We also provide Cross-Cultural Briefings for those wanting to make the most of their stay in India, Our Cross-Cultural Briefings are useful, or arguably essential, fr those relocating for work and their families.

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